Organisers of the “Jamaican Farewell Usain Bolt Grand Prix” reports some (100) duplicated tickets

The Racer Grand Prix organising committee is apologising for what it says are one hundred mistakenly duplicated bleachers and grandstand tickets sold on-line to track and field fans for Usain Bolt’s farewell, staged on Saturday.

The organisers, in a release, said that of the just about 4,000 tickets for the bleachers and grandstand sold on-line, about one hundred were mistakenly duplicated, and as organisers “became aware of this issue, all affected purchasers were notified before the event to have their seats reassigned”.

“However, on event day, because the excitement, intensity, and attendance numbers continued to extend, it eventually became clear that some price ticket holders weren’t aware of this duty assignment process,” the committee said in the release.

The organisers said that they expediently identified attendees (who weren’t essentially the purchasers) unaware of the reassignments, and all effort was taken to mitigate any unfortunate effects including reassigning seats on the spot, and even seating some attendees in cycle track seats previously reserved for periodic use by event workers.

The committee “deeply” apologised for any inconvenience caused and said that they “sincerely hope that the overall grandeur and high calibre of this unprecedented event can produce lasting positive memories for all in attendance.”

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