Teen manipulated to become a prostitute by a 34 year old computer programmer

A 34 year old computer programmer , was arrested and taken into custody last month, following an investigation by personnel assigned to the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Intellectual Property Vice Squad.

According to the release, the complainant alleged that she was on a popular social media website in January when she received a friend request. The individual allegedly offered the opportunity for the complainant to become a member of a modelling agency.

The complainant reportedly told investigators that she maintained contact with this individual and later accepted the offer and met a man then known only as “Shane”. According to the release, the complainant said she was held against her will at Shane’s Flanker residence, where she was forced to carry out “lewd and sexual acts with various males, in exchange for money”.

The proceeds from the sexual transaction were then handed to “Shane”, the release stated.

Investigators say the alleged sexual acts involving the complainant and the men were also taped and images captured. The accused is said to have later released the videos and images on at least two social media websites.
On April 30, police conducted an operation at Watson’s house and electronic devices, cameras, documents, and a 9mm cartridge were reportedly seized.

Watson was placed into safe custody and later charged with possession of ammunition to which he pleaded guilty. The release said Watson was charged with three counts of human trafficking; facilitating trafficking in persons; and living on the earnings of prostitution on May 12.

In hailing news of Watson’s arrest, chairman of the National Task Force Against Trafficking in Persons Carol Palmer said Jamaica continues its relentless fight against the crime of human trafficking.

Palmer also urged perpetrators to “immediately cease the illegal act, as it is only a matter of time that offenders will be caught and put behind bars for a long time”.

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