Major car accident claimed (4) lives in Cayman Islands Tuesday night

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service reported that around 7:17 pm Tuesday a squad car was travelling east on a stretch of Austin Conolly Drive and passed a black Honda Accord travelling in the opposite direction. Police say the squad car radar registered that the car was speeding faster than the posted 30-mile-per-hour limit in that area, but Chief Inspector Frank Owens declined to specify how fast the car was going.

A 22-year-old Jamaican man and three visitors from the United Kingdom died Tuesday in a two-vehicle crash in Grand Cayman, according to a report from Cayman 27 News online.Two others, Cayman 27 reported, remained in the hospital following the horrific crash in East End, considered the worst in Cayman’s recent history.

The two survivors are a 26-year-old Jamaican man and an 11-year-old boy. The man remains unconscious in serious but stable condition at the Cayman Islands Hospital. The boy is conscious and in stable condition.

“The officer simply saw he was driving and his radar highlighted the speed, which was excessive in the area,” Owens said. “The single-crewed police vehicle then stopped, activated the blue lights, and upon turning around, the Honda Accord was out of sight. A short time later the police officer came upon the vehicle”, which had collided with a silver Kia Rio rental vehicle, which had been travelling east on Austin Conolly Drive.

Owens said it was a matter of “minutes” between the officer activating the squad lights and discovering the crash.

Three people in the silver Kia — a 72-year-old man, his 74-year-old wife and a 69-year-old relative — all died in the crash

The Jamaican who was driving the black Honda also died in the crash, but his two passengers survived.

“It’s a horrific crash,” the C ayman Compass newspaper quoted Police Commissioner Derek Byrne as saying Tuesday night at the scene.

The newspaper reported that the three tourists in the Kia rental vehicle were staying at Morritt’s Tortuga Resort where they had owned a timeshare since 2009.

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