Did the J.C.F grant Alkaline permission feature real guns in music video to be released

Highly controversial artist Alkaline manages to get real weapons displayed in his newly unreleased music (video) titled “After All” there have been no confirmed reports coming from the JCF regarding permission for such action.

After releasing a gangster prostrated image in the song released September last year. Alkaline’s song, After All, has gotten major airwaves including over 8 million views on YouTube the three minute plus song titled “After All” a dis track to the Gaza and the unruly the camp.

The song got a major highlight back in December when Billboard selector Boom Boom received over a 100,000 JMD from enthused patrons to replay. After All, has since been featured in many clips the title too is often used as a slang in recent times. Much is expected of the video as early scenes are already viral on social media.
the vendeta boss has managed to stay relivant
this follow a lawsuit that was possibly laid against him less that a week ago

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