Was Alkaline sued???? Art work used for one of his latest single has fueled the controversy

International photographer Jason Bassett has blasted controversial dancehall artiste Alkaline on social media for using one of his photos for the cover art of his song ‘Nice and Easy’, without giving him the necessary credit.

According to Bassett, who wrote a long heartfelt message on his Instagram page, he is prepared to go to war for his work.

“Someone stole my work. I can’t speak on the specifics, but I am currently dealing with serious intellectual property theft. Thankfully, I am equipped to deal with it and I have the right people in place. I shot the image back in 2010. Some of you might remember this. Well, a major artiste has stolen the image by using it to advertise their brand and music,” he wrote.

The photographer also noted that the deejay can afford to acquire a licence to use the photo through the correct means.
Bassett, who recently privatised his Instagram page, also accused Alkaline’s fans of being Internet bullies.

“I myself and the model have been harassed by their fans as if we should be grateful for this theft even without being credited … this falls to the fault of poor management, poor choices. It has reached a level of disrespect. This is our creative property and we will not be swayed from our objective. We are seeking to be paid for our work and respected,” Bassett wrote.

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